How to create a preview of one hour long music mixes ?

Hi, I am a DJ and am new here to audacity. Does anyone know or can help me find out how to create a preview of my one hour long recorded mixed sets? Does audacity help with this ?
Again, I have various mixed sets that are of at least an hour in duration, and rather than uploading the whole file could make a preview of these mixed sets for people to get an idea of what that mixed set contains? Thank you all in advance for your help

What I would do is to Zoom the project so that the entire hour fits in the screen window - use the zoom-to-fit tool in the Edit Toolbar:
or use the command: View>Fit in Window (or its shortcut Ctrl+F)

Then clicking at various places in the Timeline will initiate play from that point, or palay a rang if you select a range in the Timeline - see:
and in particular this section on Quick-Play:

You could also use Scrubbing:
but personally I think using the Timeline will be easier for what you want to do.


Thank you for your feedback, as I am not familiar with audacity or nor have I downloaded it yet, I wanted to make sure that it would address my concerns. You believe that the zoom feature is the ideal solution? I will download and provide my results. Would this feature be included in the free download?

Question, would this Zoom feature provide a fade in fade out effect for the songs. In other words it seems that It select pieces of the file, but I would like tO have a fade in fade out effect for each selection, though out the preview. I hope I am explaining myself correctly, thank you for your help,

I believe the Quick-Play using the Timeline is your solution - the zoom just makes that a bit easier to move about the hour.

All the features are provided in the free download - this is an open-source software project, no chargeable aspects at all :slight_smile:


No, it would just play the audio as it is.

If you wanted to get cleverer you could label the sections you want to preview - then use the envelope tool to raise and lower levels aour those sections - and then use tabbing in the label track to move from labelled section to labelled section for playing - but there would be a bit of a learning curve.


Or you could chop out the bits you don’t want to play and use Effect>Fade In and Effect>Fade Out (or better Effect>Studio Fade Out) at the beginning an end of the kept excerpts.


Could use Audacity’s envelope-tool to select the bits you want in the showreel , with fade-in & fade-out to taste …

Then apply “mix & render to a new track” , then use Audacity’s truncate-silence to remove all the silence between the selected bits, shortening the duration of the file.

Although having the selected-highlights overlap, with beatmatching, would be more professional.

See how many ways there are to skin a cat …