How to create a mp3. For audacity

I have downloaded audacity and made a recording. I need to transfer it to my web page and have been told I need a mp3 file. How do I do that.

Audacity will not Save a sound file. To get a stand-alone sound file you have to Export one and to Export an MP3 file, you need the additional “lame” software package.

You can also use iTunes conversions if you wish. Export your show at the default WAV format. Change the iTunes Import preferences to MP3 at the quality you want and open up the work in iTunes. Control-Click on the show and “Create MP3 Version.” Drag where ever it needs to be when iTunes gets done.

MP3 is not one thing. Compressed file formats have a sliding scale. You can get a really crappy sounding show that has a very small file and downloads very quickly. Or you can choose a better quality that has larger files and takes longer to download.

There’s no such thing as a “perfect” MP3 file. There will always be some damage, but you can pick quality values where most people can’t tell.


You don’t have to use MP3. If your show is very brief you can use the default WAV sound format. The test clips on my web site are WAV. MP3 is most convenient and normal for longer shows, yes.