How to create a Loop Midtrack

Hello, I’m new to the Audacity Forums, I downloaded the program a couple months back and have been using it to trim music for my personal use. I’m not really even good at using the advanced features of the program since all I do is trim but I have a question about looping

I have a track that I want to loop midway through the track. To explain, I want to start the piece of music and then have it loop from the ending to another predetermined point on the track continuously if not infinitely. and then turn it into a .ogg file. If there is someone that can help me with finding out how to do this it would be greatly appreciated (Please explain it in the most simplistic way if possible since I really don’t know what I’m doing with the program please :smiley: )

Select the part that you want to loop.
From the Effect menu select “Repeat” (about 20 places down the list).
Set the number of times to repeat (loop) then press OK.
Export from “File menu > Export”.

Thank you for the reply, this helps. I assume there is no way to loop it without increasing the track time? Like they would in a video game?

Is this for a video game?