How to count the number of the "clipping" point

I just want to know how to count the number of the “clipping” point that is useful for me to represent the sound quality during the ignition about 4 seconds in waveform.Thanks!

Generally you should set the recording level so that there is no clipping.
I presume that you are trying to make some sort of technical measurements rather than recording audio. What are you trying to do?

I use the software to record the ignition sound when the gas mixture igniting,and then to evaluation the quality of the sound,pls check the wav file for reference

Is that a microphone recording?
What physical property are you trying to measure?
What do you mean by “the quality of the sound”?

Yes,it’s a microphone recording.I just want to record the sound wave during ingnition,you know the sound will very smooth or quiet during ingnition under certain conditions,and some time the sound will be very loud,and then you’ll see the sound wave that recorded by audacity is quite different,and I just want to find parameters that can represent the differences.for example if it can occure the clipping during ignition,or the time duration of the oscillation

At the moment, your recording loses much information because the recording is severely clipped.

Try to make recordings of those at a lower level so that the loud one does not clip. Try to use the same set-up and settings in both cases so that the recordings reflect as accurately as possible the the sounds. Then post one of each sound and we can try out some of Audacity’s tools.

What do you mean" at a lower level"?And which kinds of Audacity’s tool that I can use according to your opinion?

Either reduce the gain of your mic pre-amp (if you are using one), or reduce the recording level in your computer’s sound system settings (you’ve given very little information about your set-up), or simply move the mic a bit further away from the sound.

The recording should look more like this:

OK,I’ll try.Thanks! Steve.