how to correct this?

hi as im playing into the computer a record I don’t hear anything comeing out of the speakers…when I play back I can here the music…whats the procedure to fix this?im
on a dell insepion computer…thanks


if you have a usb turntable connected windows will try to use it for playback. check that windows is playing back through the sound card and not the turntable (if thats the problem). theres also a setting in audacity preferences in the devices section to set the playback option.

When you connect a USB audio device to a Windows computer, it may automatically become the “default” device that is normally used for both playback and recording.
If that is the problem, see here in the FAQ for how to fix it:

hi steve…

thanks its all taken care of…thanks


whats the best setting for the recording volume when doing lps and 78s records?is there a standard setting?


Aim for getting the waveform about half the track height (about -6 dB).
If the 78s are very crackly it won’t matter if a few crackles go higher than that, but keep the main “musical” waveform away from the top/bottom of the track.
(there is no magic number for setting the recording level controls - it varies a lot from one set-up to another, so you’ll need to experiment a bit).