how to correct level in a track


I wanted to know if someone here knows how evenly level volume in a track.
My issue is that I had to audio inputs with different volumes switching every 60sec.
I am attaching an example.

Many thanks in advance.

Envelope Tool is one solution …
envelope tool demo.gif
As the music is repetitive, you could use repair channel plugin to patch-in a section at the transitions, if you’re having trouble hiding the join with envelope tool …

My problem is that this is a 4 hour recording with volume changing every 1 minute. :frowning:

Why is that? What happened?

Its not a software issue, its the recording itself.
every 60sec the broadcasting software was switching between 2 video scenes with audio source that had different volumes in each scenes. :frowning:

Robert J H wrote Nyquist code which chops alternately between channels.
Theoretically***** that code could split the track into loud on one channel & quiet on the other.
Then raise the volume on quiet channel to match the loud one (+10dB)…
Robert JH chopper in action.gif
[ ***** In practice it may not work if the timings are not exact ].

This may make the job a bit quicker, provided that the switching remains exactly every 60 seconds

  1. “Regular interval labels”
    Create labels every 60 seconds

  2. Time Shift tool to drag the track so that the changes in level coincide as closely as possible with the labels.

  3. “Command + A” to select all, then “Edit > Labeled Audio > Split” (

  4. Double click on the first quiet section, and apply the “Amplify” effect, set to amplify by 10 dB.

  5. Double click on the next quiet section and “Command + R” to repeat the Amplify effect.
    Repeat steps 5 for each of the quiet sections.

Like this:
and this is the result:

i.e. repeat step #5, (which involves 4 key/button presses), one-hundred-and-twenty times.