How to copy selection

I have divided stereo in mono tracks. In some moments, I want to replace the part of first track (same positions) from second track…

however, it seems hard for me to do that - i have to copy that selection, then make a new selection on first track (now i’m writing down the second:miliseconds of start/end position on a paper, then selecting same in 1st track, then deleting that, and placing the copied part)…

is there simpler way?

Here is a link to a draft page in the Manual which we’ve never yet published:

The editor notes (which you won’t see) say: “This is orphaned and not as good as it could be …”

Any feedback you have on trying to use that page would be useful to us :slight_smile:


Leave them as a stereo-pair and use this plugin tool …
repair-channel demo.gif
How to install plugin …



How I can make a selection that is made across all tracks? at this moment, when i make a selection, it is being selected only on current track… (unlike the screenshot you made)…

You can either:

  1. Click and drag, starting from the top track, down to the bottom track. If there are a lot of tracks you may want to “Collapse All Tracks” (Ctrl + Shift + C) first:

  2. Click and drag, starting from the bottom track, up to the top track.

  3. Make the selection in one track, then extend the selection “In All Tracks” (Ctrl + Shift + K)

On my screenshot they are a stereo-pair, not split into two mono tracks like your example.
The repair-channel plugin tool only works on stereo tracks.