How to copy one music file to beginning of a voice file

I’m brand new to Audacity and need help. I have a voice recording that I turned into an MP3. A friend sent me an intro of a little music and voice to put at the beginning of all my recordings. I tried copying and pasting the intro to my recording, but it came out at super slow speed. How can I get the two recordings together and at the same speed? Thanks for any help you can give!

When you edit in Audacity, everything has to line up. If your project is set for MP3 and you’re editing, say, 3:1 compressed MP3s and then you try to paste an uncompressed WAV clip into the show, it may run at 1/3 speed. It may also do that when you got an uncompressed clip and Audacity can’t figure out what it is.

You could try to open your new intro track onto a fresh Audacity and export as a matching MP3. Then try to integrate that into your existing MP3 show. Are you in Windows? Is there a tool you can use in Windows that will tell you what kind of sound clip you have? In Mac, open in QuickTime Player and Apple-I.