How to Copy Cassette Tapes

Hi! I’m running Windows 7, 64 bit, SP1, Audacity version 2.1.2, which I downloaded through a .exe installer. I recently purchased an ezcap agptek USB cassette capture device on which I’m trying to copy old cassette tapes.

Last night, I somehow got part of one song recorded but have not been able to accomplish any further recordings since. At that time, no external microphone was connected. I have a USB cable connected to the capture device and into one of my laptop’s USB ports with an old cassette tape inside. My Audacity settings are as follows:

Audio host – MME
Recording Device – Microphone (Conexant high def)
Recording Channels – 2
Playback Device – Conexant high def)

When I go into Audacity, I press the red “record” button, press the “play” button on the capture device, and Audacity does try to record, although there is no sound. I hear nothing as it tries to record or during playback, even though I have “Software Playthrough” checked in my preferences.

Please help me discover what the heck I am doing wrong. I have to say I’m more than frustrated trying to accomplish what I thought would be a pretty simple task. Thanks so much.

Generally you should connect the USB device before you start Audacity.
If you start Audacity first, then you will need to wait a few moments for Windows to identify the device, then in Audacity use “Transport > Rescan Audio Devices”. Wait a few more moments for Audacity to complete the scan, then the USB device should be available for selection in the device toolbar.

I’ve tried connecting the USB first and then starting Audacity and then tried vice versa, both with the same results–NOTHING!

Connect the USB device and then look in the Windows Sound Control Panel to check that it is enabled as a recording device. If Windows can’t see the device, then Audacity will not be able to.
If it’s not showing up in the control panel, try a different USB lead and/or a different USB socket. Also you could try rebooting the computer.