how to convert cassettes using Audacity

Hello folks. We have been asked if we can convert some old C90 cassette tapes into something that can be played on an iPod. We said ‘yes, we would give it a go’ because we had done something like that using Audacity in the past - but we know nothing about iPods - we are just computer geeks. Can you give us any pointers please? For instance what formats does the iPod use, do we have to convert to CD first, and, mainly, is it DIFFICULT?!

You can get iTunes for Windows and that will mount the iPod and has tools to convert sound to the formats the iPod will recognize. The iPod will play WAV, and MP3, but the preferred format is AAC. All are available as drag and click conversions in iTunes.

The worst problem is going to be getting the sound into the computer. If you have a Windows laptop, chances are good it has no Stereo Line-In connection and cassette players don’t speak anything else.


Koz, I did reply earlier, but it seems not to be here now, so will repeat. Thank you for this info - a useful start. We have ( somehow) transferred sound files from a cassette to a CD in the dim and distant past, so we are hopeful we will have the resources to do that again. We have a number of tower computers here - Mac and PC - so chances are one of them will provide the necessary port. We will be back if we get stuck! :smiley:

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Have you looked at our documentation?


And this workflow tutorial:


thank you Gale, and WC. I did see about the delay to posts appearing - after I had put the second message on. I did have a quick look at the manuals section as well, but there seemed to be a lot to go through, and I did not spot the specific one to do with iPods, so shall hasten to that a bit later when there is more time. Thank you