How to Control Specific Audio Levels / Set Limits


I’m working with Audacity 2.2.1 on Windows 10 and am having a terrible time. All I’m hoping to do is fix some audio tracks that have a consistency problem.

I’m trying to keep the loud parts more or less the same while only changing the quieter parts of the file to be louder. I’ve looked at tutorials, browsed the forums, looked at videos, checked the wiki - I can’t find anything.

Feeling like a real dunce, I look for help here, any of which would be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You just described what Chris’s Compressor does. Evens out the volume variations in a show and makes it all louder.

You are presented with a control panel when Chris runs. I have only ever changed the first number, Compress ratio from the default 0.5 to 0.77 to get a stiffer correction.

This graphic shows a wild track, then standard settings and then the stiffer settings. Note the higher sounds change a little bit, but the lower sounds are bumped up a lot. The sound gets denser and more even.

There is only one known problem. Chris is a look-ahead compressor, so it works best when it has a little something past the end of the show to chew on. I usually leave out that one edit, apply the compressor and then cut off the work hanging over.