How to connect my cassette player to my macbook? Help plz

MBP: 10.11.6
Audacity: 2.1.1

I am trying to connect my player to audacity. I did it before but for some reason I am not getting any audio in Audacity. I have it connected through a USB Audio Adapter since the cord is too fat to fit in a mac. I also tried it without the adapter by using a different type of audio cord.

Here are my settings as of now:
System Preferences>Sound>Input>USB Audio Device

Output is set to Internal Speaker/Built-in

Then I go to Audacity:

Recording Device>USB Audio Device
Playback Device>Built-in Output

When I play and hit record, it doesn’t record anything. What am I doing wrong?

Irrespective, it’s the wrong type of converter. It’s for connecting microphones, not high-level signals from a cassette player.

Does you Mac Book Pro (if that is what you mean) have a stereo line-in [macstin][/macstin] ?

Is it the headphones out of the cassette deck you are connecting from? Do you hear audio if you plug headphones into that?

I don’t understand all those multiple large connectors into the mic port of the USB converter. Does it not accept a 1/8 inch TRS cable? Normally you would use a plain 1/8 inch male to 1/8 inch male TRS cable. One 1/8 inch (or 1/4 inch if necessary) end of the cable goes into the headphones out of the cassette player, and the other 1/8 inch end goes into the mic port of the USB converter (if you must use one).

You can get a USB interface with a proper stereo Line-in, like Behringer UCA 202, for about $30.