How to connect 2 cassette sides as one-90' track?

I am using a USB Cassette Encore device recording into Audacity on a IBM laptop “ThinkPad” with Windows XP. I record one side, pause the Audacity, stop the cassette player and when I start the 2nd side by releasing the pause, I get movement on Audacity but no sound coming in. The meters are dead while the cassette wheels are turning. By trial and error I find I can pause and resume recording until I shut off the cassette player. Shutting off the tape seems to disconnect its output!!

How can I fix this?

You should not shut off the cassette player. The computer will unmount the USB Sound Device associated and you may need to unplug and replug to get it back.

Rather when you get to the end of side one, press stop in Audacity. Set up to play the second half of the tape and press Transport > Append Recording, or Shift-R. Then Play on the tape machine. Audacity will pick up at the end of the first track to record side two.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, either. You can go back in later in post production editing and cut out any extra delay or noise between the two shows.