How to configure windows sound devices

I have windows7 SP1
I have Audacity 2.0.5 using the .exe installer
How do I configure the windows sound devices so I can hear the signal coming in from my iTTUSB record player?
I have tried looking in the on-line manual and I cannot find anything there.

Please read this page Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks .


Thanks for the information.
That manual deals mainly with Audacity itself and I have now adjusted my setup to match what is there.
Sadly it now looks as though Audacity is not receiving the signal from my USB turntable so although I have Software Playthrough ticked there is still nothing coming from the computer’s speakers.
I suspect the problem is in the area of Control Panel->Sound and that is where the manual says nothing useful.

From the manual (

Use > device toolbar > to set the input (recording) and output (playback) devices and set the channels to “2 (Stereo) Input Channels”:

Did you do that?

Assuming your computer recognises the turntable, then as Steve suggests, Device Toolbar interfaces directly with the Windows “Sound” Control Panel and can choose the USB Audio CODEC as input device.

Do you see USB Audio CODEC in the input device box in Device Toolbar? If not, try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in Audacity. If you still do not see the USB Audio CODEC, follow all the steps in the box “Detecting USB and Firewire Devices” here: .

If you can see USB Audio CODEC in the input box in Device Toolbar, set the output device in Device Toolbar to your computer speakers and turn up both Audacity sliders in Mixer Toolbar:

Once your computer can recognise the turntable, the only reason you may need to go into the Control Panel is to make sure the recording is stereo. This is explained in that Manual page:

On Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8:
1 By the system clock, right-click over the Speaker icon > Recording Devices then right-click over USB Audio Codec > “Properties”.
2 On the “Advanced” tab, in the “Default Format” section, make sure the drop-down menu is set to “2 channel 16 bit 44100 Hz”.


Steve: I set the device toolbar to MME / Speakers (Realtek High Definition) / Microphone (USB Audio CODEC)

Gale: In the mixer toolbar I have both sliders at maximum.

I shall have to have a go at your …flatline suggestion. That involves rebooting my laptop which is why I have not done it yet.
I have done Transport->Rescan Audio Devices with no joy so far.

If the reboot doesn’t help, try a new USB cable.


I followed the steps in faq…flatline and matters improved.
When I started Audacity and clicked the Record button I then saw the vertical red line advancing to the right, with flat lines revealed to the left.
I went back to Control Panel->Sound->Recording and ticked ‘listen to this’ and I then heard the sound.
With a bit more fiddling about I then saw the waveform showing up on the Audacity display.

At present the visible waveform has large stretches of flat with short stretches of sensible shapes but that should yield to some minor fiddlings.

Thanks to you chaps.

That should not be necessary - Transport > Software Playthrough in Audacity should work if you follow what it says in the Manual:

Turn monitoring on by clicking once on the microphone icon in the Meter Toolbar.

Turning on monitoring in Audacity is necessary if you are trying to hear the records in the computer speakers without recording in Audacity.

Note that Windows XP doesn’t even have “Listen to this device” so it is not an omission that we don’t mention “Listen to this device”.

That sounds like a serious problem if you are playing loud and continuous music. If the turntable has a gain knob on its underside, you could try adjusting that.