How to configure Audacity so sounds is recorded (internally)

Dear all,

I bought a converter (with two pieces → I plug the “in” and “out” one in the specific section of my piano and plug the USB into computer).

Now I want to use it to record my piano playing without any disturbance. However when I toggle around with the preferences in Audacity I cant seem to record the sound. I can only use it as a normal mic record (but then I also record background noise, not the case as I dont need a cable for this).

Could anybody tell me what features I should change so I record pure?


What is the make and model number of the converter? What is the make and model number of the keyboard?

If you want to record from the USB converter, choose it as recording device in Device Toolbar. If you don’t see the converter, do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices from the Audacity menus. Audacity does not automatically see USB devices connected after Audacity is running.

Most USB converters on a cable are only equivalent to low quality computer microphones, so won’t give you good quality. See


I have a CASIO COP-100 and have a MIDI BESPECO converter.

Could you please elaborate on where my USB converter should pop up? I dont see anything appearing (even after rescanning)…

Audacity does not record MIDI.
See this FAQ: