How to concatenate two audio files

Win 7 x64 with all updates, Audacity 2.0.5 and the .exe installer.

I’ve hunted through the help and the FAQ but I can’t find out how to do this.

I have two stereo audio files each about 2 minutes long. They should have been one 4 minute file. I’m sure there must be a way to put them together again. I’ve tried drag and drop but that gives me 4 tracks each about 2 minutes long.

Any advice would be appreciated



Import both sound files. They should appear one above the other and play at thee same time. Double click in the blue waves of the bottom one to select it. Control-C copy. Double Click The top file > End > Control-V Paste.

Back on the bottom track, press MUTE to keep it quiet.

Play and see how you did.


Thanks Koz

That worked perfectly



What would have made that FAQ easier to find? See How do I combine two files into one longer file? . Built-in search would help I guess, but searching for “concatenate” would not have found it.


Import/Append would not have done it, either. Is there a way to “associate” a list of search terms with a wiki submission? Koz

Quite hard. Wiki gives us no control over keywords without installing extensions, and in any case search engines tend to downgrade the importance of keywords these days.

The script that “dumps” the development Manual to make the Manual for each release removes HTML comments which a built-in search would see.

It’s possible using some kind of server script to make a list of keywords and serve FAQ’s based on a user searching for those keywords. This would potentially be very useful if applied to the online Manual or even the Forum, but it’s definitely more complex to make this play nicely with the Wiki and Forum software than if it was a straight web site.


I tried this but have my doubts. The first file is about 12 Mb, the second 4 Mb. After exporting,
the resulting file is about 22 Mb. This can’t be right. I suppose I should listen to the result.