How to complete an action similar to CUE

I have a CD-R copy (ripped to a wave file) of a Grateful Dead show in which two songs that flow together (no gap between songs) somehow got recorded as a single track. I simply want to place a track marker where it should be so that I have two tracks instead of one without changing any of the audio. I wouldn’t normally care, but these two songs total 49 minutes (Dark Star > Morning Dew). This could pose a problem when making playlists for my iPod. I’m a total newbie at using Audacity, but have managed to complete a few projects w/o screwing anything up so far - easy stuff like fade-outs.
P.S. I just used CUE as an example as I’ve never actually used it on EAC.
Windows Vista
Audacity 2.0.5 via .exe installer

Thanks for any help you can provide. I’m not very tech saavy, so please use simple terms.


There are several ways to do this. Here’s one method:

Import the WAV file into Audacity.
Find the point where you want to split the track. If necessary, zoom in on the waveform
Click on the waveform at the exact point where you want to split the track.
Press Ctrl+i (or “Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split”)

There should now be a “split” between the two sections.

Double click on the left hand section. This will select that section.
“File > Export Selection” to export that selection as a new file (in whatever format you need). Ensure that you use a new, unique name, and avoid using any special characters such as punctuation characters. Universally safe characters are letters, numbers and underscore.

Double click on the second section of the track to select it.
“File > Export Selection” to export that section as a new file.