How to compile Audacity to Asio4all?

I have attempted to follow confusing instructions posted in the Help? Browser in Audacity.

I have been unable to figure them out and understand all of the downloads.
I have downloaded the wxWidget - and it is definetly not a program
I have downloaded the AsioSDK -and it is definetly not a program
I have downloaded the Audacity 2.0.5 source tarball and it is not a program so I noticed for Windows to get •SVN Repository and it is not even downloadable

***I need real specific detailed instructions to download the requirements to use to Compile Audacity with ASIO4ALL. I have the lastest version. How to compile, seriously.

I have Windows 7 and
Latest Versions of Audacity and ASIO4ALL Programs.

I am so very lost - I need to compile because my recording output sound in my headphones is off. An artist can not record a great song without hearing
the sound output on time.

Is there anyone out there that can give detailed, specific, accurate working Instructions.

1-20-2014 -DMT 3:07AM

Follow the instructions in win/compile.txt to download and build wxWidgets, define the ASIOSDK_DIR environment variable to point to the ASIO SDK, then build Audacity.

Obviously you need to install Visual Studio 2008 and build wxWidgets before you build Audacity. If you have not done that yet, follow the steps at but do the extra step to install the ASIO SDK and define the ASIOSDK_DIR environment variable (as explained in compile.txt) before building Audacity itself.

There is some help here with pictures but that document is outdated. If you follow that document you still need to build “DLL Unicode Release” configuration of wxWidgets then “Release” configuration of Audacity (the “Unicode Release” and “Unicode Debug” configurations of Audacity mentioned on that page are now called “Release” and “Debug” respectively).


Thanks for pointing that out Gale, I will try to get that documentation updated ASAP.