how to combine to songs without lag between frames of pics

I was referred to Audacity by SmartSHOW 3D. I am a novice. SS I am trying to combine two songs on my dvd slideshow video and there is lags between 3 frames where songs fade out and fade in. They told me to download your program to help me out with this. I have read manual, but I am no savvy on the music lingo you use, however I can use a computer pretty well. Can you help? I have downloaded first song to Audacity and I am trying to cut off the end silence and the beginning silence of second song so there is no silence in between two songs. Thanks for any help you can give. I tried to cut off end of first song, but when I hit cut the whole song disappears. Thanks

To “cut” (“delete”) part of the track, select the part that you want to remove (click and drag on the waveform so that it is highlighted), then press the Del key.
There is a tutorial about basic editing in the manual: