How to code a "Sanicfy" Nyquist plugin for Audacity?

What code can be used to make a “Sanicfy” Nyquist plugin for Audacity? I’m trying to make a “Sanicfy” Nyquist plugin for Audacity so I don’t have to manually apply each effect required to apply the “Sanic” audial effect to the audio, but no code I try to use to make that plugin do that works. That plugin would work by simply applying a “Sanic” (as in the meme based on Sonic, the fictional blue hedgehog you might already know of) audial effect to the selected audio when activated. This ““Sanic” audial effect” would work by increasing the audio’s pitch by 12.5 semitones, amplifying the audio by 50 dB (with clipping being allowed), then adding an echo with a delay time of 1 second and a delay factor of 0.5 as well.

I think a “Macro” would be better than a Nyquist plug-in for that task. See:

Yes, a macro did work for me to make the “Sanicfy” audial effect. But how can the “Sanicfy” task be implemented as a Nyquist plugin for Audacity, like I said before?

Use “AUD-DO” to run each of the commands that are listed in the Macro .TXT file.
See also:

Thanks, it worked. Here’s the code for my “Sanicfy” Nyquist plugin so anyone can use it themselves:

;nyquist plug-in
;version 4
;type process
;name “Sanicfy”
(aud-do “ChangePitch: Percentage=106, SBSMS=0”)
(aud-do “Amplify: Ratio=50, AllowClipping=True”)
(aud-do “Echo: Delay=1, Decay=0.5”)