How to close multiple tracks from Audacity window?

I have opened 50 wav files using *.lof file (

I want to close all the tracks - without exiting audacity. Is there a faster way to do this without clicking on each individual x button on track corners?

Win 10. Audacity 2.2

Audacity 2.2

Hopefully 2.2.2. 2.2 is a bogus version.

I doubt it. Even when I select all the tracks they only delete one at a time.


File > New.


File > New.

It starts a new audacity instance. I want to close all tracks in original instance of audacity.

Is it possible?

The quickest way is to Close the project “File menu > Close”. Note that this closes the project but does not Quit the application.

If you only want to remove selected tracks: “Tracks menu > Remove Tracks”. You can also use this after “Ctrl + A” (Select All)

“Tracks menu > Remove Tracks”. You can also use this after “Ctrl + A” (Select All)

That’s it. I only got the select part. You can also click the first track (just right of the up arrow) and Shift + last track. All the tracks in the middle go, too.


In Audacity 3.1.3 the attached macro does the trick.

The TrackClose command issues no error report if there are no tracks to be closed!
A reasonably effective utility macro “CloseAllTracks” can be established with fifty consecutive TrackClose commands
CloseAllTracks.txt (648 Bytes)

but it’s horrible :wink:, and may take an excessive amount of time to run on some machines.
Much better (and much more elegant :ugeek: ) as a Macro:


Hi Steve; I’m confused. I see the wink/geek, but …
The file that I attached IS a macro, right? A macro in Audacity is stored as a TXT file, and as such is available to all Projects; that is, any project at all can make use of the macros, regardless of which project created them.

I understand (from other threads) where you say that a macro being executed in one project cannot deal with bundles of “stuff” that we call “projects”, but that is different from a macro that was created in one project-bundle being available to be run from any other project-bundle.

Or have I totally missed the point?

I agree that your two-liner is MUCH more elegant than my 50-line “see if this does the job” effort.
(In my defense: I wrote the original as a 3-track wonder that dealt with the three input WAV files to my “Assemble” macro)

Yes, it’s a macro file.

Correct. Macros act on the project in which they are running.


Maybe a bit :wink:

Yes “that” was the point. :slight_smile:

Now I get it!
I didn’t realize I was working with a maestro :blush: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
(I am still happy with my progress in Audacity macros; I figure that I am now in the top 0.0000111111% of the people on this planet)
Cheers, Chris