How to close an unwanted channel?

I haven’t used this program in a while. On recently starting to use it again it worked fine. I was able to drop a stereo file into the program and it would Not open both channels. I either hit a button or dragged a file down and suddenly it displays both stereo channels. I’m not working with any stereo channels at all. All I use it for is to add clips from other files or delete parts of the clip. The extra channel on screen for any files I drag and drop are just taking up screen real estate and is an eye sore. How do I go back to the default settings that did Not display both channels so I can keep my workspace clean, uncluttered and easier to work with? Thank you.

If you import a file that has one audio channel (mono), it will appear in Audacity as a single channel track.
If you import a file that has two audio channels, it will appear in Audacity as a two channel track.

This web page can analyze audio files
Included in the report is the number of channels.


I keep hearing people repeat that but thats NOT True. I know I was able to edit files on first installing it and both channels did Not display by default. I Only work with stereo files, I’ve never had a mono file in the software and it was never showing both channels until I accidentally clicked on something. Edit: If you don’t work with channels… why would the software force you to see both channels? That makes Totally no logical sense and like I say, that was not my first experience using the software. I don’t have the screen space for such foolishness. I’ll try uninstalling the software and reinstalling it to reset it to defaults. If that doesn’t work because of embedded registry files the program makes, I’ll have to try other software because this spammy business Has to Go. Thanks.

Genuine Audacity does not have any spammy strings attached.
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Apparently Audacity is good enough for NASA …

That will only work if you enable the option “Reset Preferences” during the installation.

Audacity stores your settings in three configuration files.
The main Preferences file is “audacity.cfg”. This is the file that is deleted when you select “Reset Preferences”.
This is where it is found on each supported platform: Preferences - Audacity Manual
The other two .CFG files (in the same location) store your plug-ins list and plug-ins settings:
pluginregistry.cfg and pluginsettings.cfg

These three files may be manually deleted to perform a full reset of Audacity (no need to uninstall / reinstall)

Audacity 2.4.2 also has a menu option to reset most of Audacity’s settings. See: Reset Configuration - Audacity Manual


Thanks for trying man. I deleted the 3 files but it’s still doing it. I know I’m not going crazy cus I know what I experienced but oh well.

That doesn’t impress me. Nasa was formed by Nazi’s like Von Braun, known Satanists like Jack Parsons and lies to the world about landing on the Moon and the true nature of our world.

If you run with that idea, that means NASA are experts in editing digital-data, e.g. sounds & images …

so any editing software they choose to use will be good.

They have certainly done enough to fool the sleeping masses. It’s their job. Even Nasa’s Rob Simmons who creates the Blue Marbles admits, " It’s photoshopped, because it Has to be." But I digress. I too have used Nasa’s recommended suite of image processing tools “Isis” to examine their raw data files, made by the USGS. A good free government created software that was Exposing Photoshopping, way before photoshop was a thing. My point was more to say we don’t need Nasa in this conversation, it had nothing to do with the fact guys at Nasa use Audacity.

Global conspiracies aside, dropping a stereo audio file (in a supported format) into Audacity has always opened as a stereo (2 channel) audio track. That has never changed in all the time that I’ve used Audacity (about 15 years).