How to clean data folders of unused tracks?


I am the kind of guy who often makes mistakes, so I often have to record a track several times to get it right. I often improvise things to hear what such or such idea would sound, and obviously I ditch most of this stuff. So, on a project, I end up having tens of tracks in the [song name]_data folders. Is there any way to clean those folders from unused tracks? Audacity gives pretty unhelpful names to files, so sorting through the 50 files which ones are the 4 that I still use in the mix is quite tedious… I remember there was an option in Cubase to purge a project folders from unused track, but I can’t find the equivalent in Audacity. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help!


Beginning with the unitary file structure introduced in Audacity 3.0, Audacity stores all of its data in a single .aup3 file. Typically if you do Ctrl+A to select All, then Ctrl+C to copy, then File > New to create a new project database, then Ctrl+V to past the old project into the new, this can help clean things up.

I wonder if the same technique would work on older versions of Audacity.

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