How to check bit depth and sample rate of MOGG file ?


I’d like to know how I can check the bit depth and sample rate of an imported MOGG file so that I don’t have to dither when converting it to wav.


Audacity is not big on “Clip Info.” If you need to know about a clip or other sound file, you’ll have to do it outside or before you import it.

There’s a Windows INFO program. Looking…


Here it is.




As far as I know OGG doesn’t have a bit depth. It does have a sample rate and a bit-rate (kbps). (Uncompressed audio has a series of samples, and the samples have fixed number of bits. The data for lossy audio is not a series of samples in the time domain.) Maybe that means that you should dither (as-if you were downsampling floating-point), or maybe the lossy compression means it’s already dithered (or “randomized”).

You can dither or not, whichever sounds better to you. But, under normal listening conditions you can’t hear dither (or the effects of dither) anyway (at 16-bits or better). The lossy MOGG/OGG compression is likely to make a much bigger difference than dither… Somebody might hear OGG or MP3 compression artifacts, but I’ve never heard anyone complain, “You forgot to dither”, or “You used the wrong dither”… It just doesn’t make that much difference…

Dither very quiet, somewhere around 80 or 90dB down. Try reducing the level by 80dB to see what -80dB sounds like. :wink: Sometimes people crank-up the volume during a reverb-tail or during a long fade-out to hear the dither. But if you listen to the whole song cranked-up that loud, you’ll have very bad distortion and maybe blow your speakers or your ears… Or, if you have headphones or an amplifier speakers that can play very-loud you’ll get a temporary threshold shift (temporary hearing loss) and you really won’t be able to hear the dither! :smiley: