How to Change your Voice to another normal Voice?

Hi, i want to start posting videos on youtube with a voice over.
only thing is i don’t want to have my voice on it. apart from getting someone else to read out the instructions, is there a way of me reading them myself but having my voice changed to another NORMAL voice.
i tried the text to speech softwares but they are just naff to be honest.
i want to it to sound as realistic as possible so it doesn’t seem like i’m taking the mick.

That’s a frequently requested product or tool that doesn’t exist. A male voice is not just a female voice down-pitched and an announcer/presenter is not just a down-pitched regular speaker. Some parts of the speech need to be moved and some don’t and it’s a moving target.

It’s also the subject of multiple April’s Fool jokes. “Make yourself into an announcer no matter what your natural voice!!!”


And hey that’s by far the easiest and most effective way - and with over 6.9 billion “someone elses” in the world you’ve got plenty of choice :slight_smile: