How to change tone of voice (not pitch)?

I want to change the tone of a sample, without making it sound like it was just pitched down. How would I go about doing this?

Something like this:

Is there a plugin or do I just have to add multiple effects?



Some one will correct me, but that clip is just autotuned and then cut into the song. Autotune has settings where you can tell it how vicious to be with the correction. Normally you would use it to gently push the pitch of a voice into tune with the song, but you can also use it to force a voice from someone who has no singing ability at all. Those are mostly for effect, they don’t sound particularly musical.

I remember a clip from a YouTube performer who just let his voice slide around and Autotune shoved it into a song. It sounded freaky which was the intention.


Here it is. Mystery Guitarman. All of his stuff is special effects and crazy-good editing.

I think this was his first posting.

15 million hits.


I can’t find his Autotune clip. Sorry.

Do you know how I would go about doing this? I have a really tough time with autotune plugins.

I’d use different software. It is possible to do in Audacity, but without MIDI support each note would need to be created manually which would be an extremely long and tedious job.

Sounds like something done with a sequencer , Audacity does have one of those but it’s very primitive …

If you are composing a tune you really need software other than Audacity , e.g. …