how to change the frequency *gradually* ?

Hello, excuse me my newbish question, but how can I change the frequency of a sound with linear interpolation?
I don’t want any echoes, just have the sound that gets lower and lower frequency with time?

thanks a lot,
the asdermaster

I don’t think you can do dynamic pitch change, but we’ll see what the other posters have to say.


And what does Time track do? (I never used that)
I would think it changes both timing and pitch?

I think I know how. Use the Bode Frequency Shifter plugin that you can get off Audacity’s download page, and configure the time to your needs. You can also make it go slowly down which is what you want. You can also do the fading out effect by simply making a equalization with the Equalization effect, and have the first point to say about 10 db, and make a downward slope by clicking downward points continually one after another.

Here’s a picture of the equalization I used to get a downward effect, (you can also just crossfade it out or use the “Fade Out” command near the end of it by the way):

Here’s a before clip I did of the song “Eunuch Provacateur” by The Mars Volta:

Here’s the after clip using a Bode frequency shifter plugin at the “85.00” setting:

Tell me if these worked and helped :smiley:.