How to change my view of tracks

Hi there! I am taking an audiobook course and learning how to edit tracks. When I record some audio and make a mistake, I want to back up to the mistake and then continue the recording on the 2d track below for easy editing. Right now it records the 2d track beside in not below. Does anyone know how to change that view? Thanks so much!

In Audacity preferences there is the option to “record on a new track”, (i.e. below rather than append).

“Shift + Record button”
“Shift + R”

or as Trebor wrote, you can change the default behaviour in Preferences (See: Record on a new track)

Thanks so much for your help on this! I selected record on a new track, but is still recording append not below? I don’t seem to have a choice for this?

hey guys! I got it! Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: