How to change input to ME-25

How do I change the input properly? I want to use ME-25 as input so I can record guitar

Why the &^%$#@ can I have it as an output but not input?


Is it available in Windows control panels? That’s half the battle right there. Audacity gets its services from Windows.

If it uses ASIO software drivers that’s pretty much the end of the road. Audacity doesn’t support ASIO.


Please stop saying that. :wink:

Audacity supports ASIO, but that support is not available in shipped copies of Audacity due to licensing issues.

However you can compile Audacity yourself with ASIO support as long as you do not distribute that ASIO-enabled build to anyone else. See ASIO Audio Interface - Audacity Wiki .


Have you tried restarting Audacity?

The ME-25 manual says driver installation is mandatory (the driver includes ASIO, so that could be a problem, depending on the driver). Have you installed the correct drivers for your version of Windows from ?


Please stop saying that.

How about “Doesn’t support ASIO in the shipped version” and a link to the compiling instructions.

Where are the compiling instructions?