How to capture faint sounds

I am trying to capture an intermittent knocking sound echoing in my walls for my contractor to diagnose. The sound generates from my boiler in the basement and echos up the PVC pipe to make a loud popping sound in my upstairs bedroom wall. The problem is, the popping sound is difficult to capture on my laptop using a generic microphone. I’m using the microphone on my Logitec headset. It captures voice fine. I will pick up my typing on my keypad and even captures the squeak of my wood chair when it moves. All these sound normal when captured on my laptop. Unfortunately, there is something about the pop noise that makes the sound muffled when captured. It’s faint when recorded and nothing like it sounds in person. I’m a newbie to Audacity and recording in general. Can anyone give me a little guidance on how to capture this sound. Are there settings on Audacity that I should be using? Is there a specific type of microphone I should use? Any advice would be appreciated.


My Logitech headset microphone is directional. If it’s covered over by a little foam sock like mine is, carefully peel the sock off and see if you can tell which side is active. Mine is a little scooper and it’s pretty obvious.

Then go into Windows Control Panels and turn off Windows Enhanced Services. That’s the Windows service that tries to do live noise reduction for conferencing and Skype – only in this case, you don’t want that.

Audacity doesn’t do anything to the sound during recording.