How to burn to CD

OK as a newbie you will no doubt want to refer me to the manual BUT…
I have tried to send an audio file[french language 1] by:
Exporting as WAV
Then trying to use, Windows media player, Itunes and just now by downloading CDex.
I am prEpared to believe I am thick but…
Just how do I get the file to transfer to these players to then burn to a CD?
The file is the 1st of a whole language course which I am trying to convert from original tapes.
Maybe audacity is not setup correctly and, though name is there for file there is no sound coming back through PC speakers when I press play???
Any and all assistance before giving up and deleting all extraneous programs will be much appreciated.
At present the program/s are just taking up HDD space!!!
Thanks for reading :frowning: :question: :exclamation:
PS I am using Win Vista. Audacity was downloaded recently so SHOULD be latest version

Now just how did you guess that … :slight_smile:

There is a tutorial in the manual on this: Audacity Manual

You will need this one too: Audacity Manual

They are both part of this set of tutorials: Audacity Manual

There is also a page on Audio CDs discusses this stuff too: Audacity Manual


CDex is a Music CD ripping program. It takes the odd format music on an already recorded Music CD and makes it into common wav file format.

Audacity doesn’t burn anything. You need not only a CD burning program, but a Music CD Authoring program. You can force music or any type of file onto a CD by burning a Data CD. Those will not play in your car music player.

A Music CD authoring program like Windows Media and iTunes for Windows will create the special format that Music CDs need. Also, they typically let you rearrange the music and control the space between songs, etc.

You should probably also know that a music CD will only hold about 78 minutes and you can’t change it. Also, making an MP3 of the show in Audacity is a waste of time because both Audacity and Music CD are higher quality and you will have created a damaged sound file for nothing. Use WAV export for a Music CD.