How to burn an audio DVD

I am a newcomer to Audacity and I am finding the user manual difficult to follow due to limited computer knowledge.
I have successfully created an Audacity audio file which I now want to burn to a new blank audio DVD. I have noticed a “padlock” symbol next to the Audacity icon for the file that I created and which is now located in my “Documents” folder. When I tried to burn the DVD my laptop informs me that this file cannot be successfully burnt to the DVD. Can you please tell me if the “padlock” symbol is blocking the file and a step-by-step method of how to burn an audio DVD from the Audacity file. I need an audio DVD which will play on a standalone CD player. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Is that icon an AUP Audacity project file? To check, right-click over it > Properties and look for the type of file. If it’s an AUP, you can do nothing with it as it is only meant for Audacity use. You need to go back and File > Export an audio file.

The type of file you want depends what you actually want to do. Standalone CD players do not normally play DVD discs. You need to buy a CD-R disc, export a WAV file then burn the WAV to that CD-R.

The padlock usually suggests a user permissions problem on Windows but let’s decide what you are trying to do first and how to achieve it. Are you trying to fit more than 80 minutes of audio onto the disc?


Thanks Gale! I will follow your advice and see how things work out.

Hi Gale, Thanks so much! Your guidelines worked perfectly - I have successfully burnt a CD-R disc! Thanks again! Les