How to break-up a large audio file?

Hi Folks, I am new to audio file editing. I have created a large coninuous audio file (lecture) using Audacity and want someway to allow listeners to be able to access the audio file at different points. With only one large file, a person uning a cd player can only access the file from the beginning. Any suggestions of ways to either break-up the file or otherwise allow a cd listener to have multiple points of access to the file? Thanks, Blackdog

Assuming you can load it on an Audacity timeline all at once, press Apple-B or Control-B at the beginning of each performance segment. This is Audacity’s Label Tool.

When you’re done, FIle > Export Multiple and choose WAV format. Audacity will produce music/performance segments that start at each “B” tag.

Dump the files into your audio CD authoring program and burn your brains out–up to 80 minutes. If you paid for your burner program, you may get the option to eliminate the standard two second gap between “songs.” Most free burners leave that talent out to urge you to buy the paid version.

Do not produce MP3 files anywhere in this process. Audacity capture WAV and Music CD are both higher quality than MP3 files. Of course, if you’re running out of drive space, you may not have that luxury, and it could be said if you’re that tight for drive space, Audacity may crash a lot.


Thank you very much. Blackdog