How to begin recording in middle of project?

I’ve just started with Audacity and recorded about 30 minutes of audio. I stopped, saved as a WAV file, later imported that back into Audacity and now I want to resume recording to finish the rest of the project. Recording is good but Audacity starts the project at the beginning and the “skip to end” function doesn’t work. Listened to the 30 minute recording and to get to the end but now can’t get it to begin recording at that point. Seems to only start back at the beginning each time I hit “play” or "record.

Working in Windows Vista and obtained the .exe installer. Audacity version is 2.0.5.

If you want to carry on recording in the same track at the end of it use Transport > Append Record or its shortcut Ctrl+R.

Otherwise to record on a new track starting wherever you want just position and click the cursor and then click the Record button.


Thanks! It worked. Now however, I’m trying to burn a CD of my recording and while it burned successfully, the CD will only play on my computer. It won’t play on my remote CD players or in my car. I recorded it as a .wav file, just like I did on an earlier disk recorded in Wavepad Sound Editor. That disk works anywhere. Both disks are Memorex CDRs. When I pull up the current file, it automatically opens in ITunes, rather than Microsoft Media Player. Could ITunes be the problem?

Make sure you burn an audio CD or music CD and not a data CD. Are you following Audacity Manual ?

The way you burned the CD is almost certainly the problem. Look in the help for the application you use to burn CD’s.