How to batch export aup3 to mp3

I’m looking for a way to mass export multiple audacity projects (aup3) to mp3 with “preset, stereo, 320kbps” settings.
I have tried “export as mp3” command in Macro Manager, and when I choose the aup3 files, an error shows up “cannot import aup3 format. Use File > Open instead.”
What could I do? Thank you for your time.

It is not possible to batch process projects with macros.

You may be able to batch process projects using AutoHotKeys.

Thank you for your respond.
I see, from your reply, looks like there is no already AutoHotKeys script on the internet or if there is one, mostly won’t work due to the many changes in Audacity and even maybe in AutoHotKeys itself.

So, I guess I need to communicate with someone experienced in scripting.
It doesn’t necessarily create a script using AutoHotKeys, right? It could be done using python for example.

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