How to auto-maximize audiotrack sub window when loading?

Assume I drag & drop an *.mp3 (stereo) file onto Audacity 2.0

Then the two audio channels appear in the main sub-window of Audacity BUT they do NOT use the full/maximum possible sub window dimensions.
Instead they are drawn in a kind of sub window of the sub window.

How can I tell Audacity to atumatically maximize the audio channel display?


I don’t think I can follow that. Can you post a screen shot?

Ok, have a look at the attache snapshot

Edit…Preferences…Tracks…Automatically fit tracks vertically zoomed - tick this box.

Ok, thank you

BUT: There is still a horizontal and vertical slider visible.

How can I maximze the track window so that NO horizontal and vertical scrollbars are shown ( at least as long I perform no zoom operation)?

If I am understanding you correctly, you can’t! The vertical scroll bar and the horizontal scroll bar are always shown.

When doing a Fit Vertically, sometimes a vertical scrollbar is shown and sometimes not - it seems to depend on the size of the window and the number of tracks. You can experiment with this by importing a few tracks, doing Fit Vertically, resizing the window a bit, Fit Vertically, etc. There is a minimum track size, and if the window is too small vertically to show all tracks at their minimum height then you will get a vertical scroll bar and not all the tracks will be visible.

The horizontal scroll bar should go away if you do Fit in Window.

– Bill

View menu > Fit in Window

The shortcut keys are Ctrl+F

That appears to be a (minor) bug. I’ll report it if it’s not already reported.

I’m seeing space (lots of it!) beyond the end of the last track of a multi-track project (49 tracks) after having used the tool button to “Fit project to window” and then scrolled down to the lowest track and across to the far right. Is this also related to a scrolling display issue? And if so, is it also a bug?

The fact that 49 tracks don’t fit vertically is not a bug (obviously).
Personally I think that the large amount of space to the right of the longest track is a bug. IMO if the tracks fit widthways then there should be no horizontal scrollbar unless the cursor is moved beyond the right hand edge of the audio. I’ve logged this as bug 487.

Thanks. I can supply a screen grab as evidence if required. “49 into vertical does not fit” was fully understood before I started the project. It’s the horizontal behaviour that I was querying.


Yes, me too. Thanks for the offer but I don’t think that’ll be required as the problem is pretty obvious when you look for it.

When doing a Fit Vertically, sometimes a vertical scrollbar is shown and sometimes not - it seems to
depend on the size of the window and the number of tracks.

This arbitrary behavior is somehow bad and not according to good programming style (sorry).

Sliders/Scrollbars should only be shown when there is something to scoll.

Furthermore I observed (similar to PGA) also space (lots of it!) beyond the end of the current track (I have only one track loaded).

This is also not usual. Why is there additional space added?


Horizontal space at the end of the track can be useful in several situations. For example if you have imported a number of songs from different files and you want to line them up end to end then you will need to be able to slide one track beyond the end of the previous track.

Even after I click “Fit in Window” both scrollars stay alive.

Ok, the vertical scrollbar is buggy.

But why is there so much empty space AFTER the currently loaded song?

See attached snapshot

Further bug: Even after a “Fit to window” there is still some unused, useless, confusing grey desktop area.

How do I really fit vertical window?