how to apply reverb to just one track?

Hi, I’m using 13.6 and want to apply reverb to a single track in an array of 6 tracks, so I select that one track (gets yellow-hilited) and apply the anwida plug-in reverb, but every time I try it, it seems to put reverb on all 6 tracks. I tried also “classic reverb” and it seemed to do the same. Have I missed something? Isn’t it supposed to be possible to apply sound effects on one single track and not all of them?

These are VST plug-ins?
VST support in Audacity 1.3.6 is provided through the VST bridge. Some plug-ins work great, some don’t work at all, some partly work.
Audacity can use LADSPA and Nyquist plug-ins natively. These type of plug-ins are usually well behaved in Audacity, as are the built in effects. There’s no guarantees with VST plug-ins (many of which have never been tested with Audacity, simply because there are thousands of VST plug-ins and the developers do not have the resources to test them. I guess that makes you the tester for these.

Have you tried G-verb? That should work correctly (also Freeverb works well on Linux and probably on other platforms, though I’ve only used Freeverb on Linux).

Freeverb works OK in Audacity running on windows, and can be applied to one track if required.

If Jonasjar is trying to apply an effect to one track in a stereo pair on Audacity, then he will have to temporarily split the stereo track, apply the effect to one track, then recombine the tracks using “make stereo track”.

Im sorry but Im unable to reproduce the desired behavior. Now I use a 1.3.8 where Gverb seems to be included in the standard distribution.
I do as usual, select a single track, it gets hilited (yellow around the track), apply the Gverb effect, and ALL tracks are processed.
I’ve also tried Ambience, anwida and classic reverb and they all seem to give the same outcome as Gverb.

Click on the little panel on the left where sample rate of the track is displayed, (a number which ends in “Hz”), just above the “mute” & “solo” buttons.
The background to the waveform on that track will go darker blue, then if you use effects (like Gverb) they will only be applied the selected (darker blue) track.

You have selected the “Track” but you have not selected any audio in the track. Once the track is selected (yellow line around the track) you can select (or deselect) all of the track audio by pressing the RETURN key.

You can select part of a track by clicking with the left mouse button on the track and, while holding down the mouse button, drag along the track.

The method described by Trebor is probably the quickest way to select a single track.

By default, if no audio is selected and you apply an Effect, then Audacity will apply it to everything in the project.

Hm, I seem to have missed something very basic here…thanks for enlightening me guys!

However, the 2 ways of selecting doesnt seem to give the same graphic response.
Clicking on the bitrate panel darkens the entire track while select + CR only affect the shading of the header of track, not the track itself.
But if I understand correctly, they have the same effect?
I also tried dragging with the mouse and applying the effect to that area, worked like a charm, that’s cool, really cool.

Must say Im impressed by what this freewhare can do, and how stable it has been so far.
Combined with a highly responsive forum like this, Audacity really kicks ass!

Apologies, I appear to have been a bit misleading. No they don’t have quite the same effect.

If you select a track, or part of a track, you will notice that not only is the track highlighted (goes darker to indicate the selected audio), but also the same area on the horizontal “time” ruler at the top of the tracks window becomes darker. If you press ENTER, the current track (that has yellow around it) will toggle between selected audio and not selected. (try this out and I think it will become clear). This is very useful if you have multiple tracks in the project as it enables you to quickly and easily select a specific region in any of the tracks.

If you hold down the SHIFT key while you press ENTER, you will find that you can select multiple tracks. Use the UP/DOWN cursor keys to move from one track to another.

If you look at the top of this page you will see links for “Tips” and "Tutorials which contain a lot of useful information about how to use Audacity.