How to apply a specific effect

So there’s this robotic effect that I would like to create (Found in this video), but after using google and trying on my own, I have not found the way to produce such an effect. :frowning:

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Try Effect > Vocoder. This effect is produced by combining two different audio signals and you have to provide both of them. That’s why the voice has a monotone quality to it. If you move the background signal around, the voice will move with it.

Effect > Vocoder


Sounds to me strongly like a comb effect.
Try this in the Nyquist Prompt:

(comb (scale-db -13 s); adjust gain of the input sound
      1.0; similar to "mix", values 0.0 - 1.0
      100); first frequency boosted 
          ;(..., 200, 300, 400, ...) are also affected

Try this YT tutorial:

We link to it from the Audacity Wiki which links to a couple of other useful voice effects - see here: