How to amplify or lower a section of a track

I have two recordings of the same audio. Unfortunately one presents distortions and the other is better but is lucks of some recording chanels from the mixer. So what I wish to do is have two tracks and where the first one distorts I wish to lower manually the volume so that I can listen to the second track which is better.
I know that if i wish to amplify a section of a track I simply select from Effects Amplify. Here I can go + or -

I wish to know if is there a way t manyally controll a section of a track with the slider +/- gain or similar. It is easier and more visual rather than having all the times to go into Effects and Amplify.
I hope I properly explained my question.

thank you

Try the [u]Envelope Tool[/u].

Thank you,
that was a quick and correct answer. I just tried it and it works fine.
Out of my curiosity, is there anything else that would do the same?

Thank you