how to alter audio levels

Hey, I was wandering if there was a quick way to match the volumes on multiple samples at once, rather than spending a long time doing them individually by ear. I’ll attach a screenshot so you know what I mean. I want each sample to be the same volume.

Thanks in advance

First, try the Amplify effect on each sample/clip. Audacity will pre-scan the selected audio and default to whatever gain is needed for 0dB normalized (maximized) peaks. So, just click ‘OK’ to normalize/maximize the clip.

They may not sound equally-loud with equal peaks, so if that doesn’t work, try the [u]ReplayGain plug-in[/u]. Again, you’ll need to apply ReplayGain to each sample/clip separately.

But before you get all excited about applying filters and effects, View > Show Clipping.

Do you get any red bands in your show? Clipping is where the volume of the show is too high to be recorded and the recording has distortion in it. Clipping usually appears as snappy or crunchy words or harsh distortion in the voice. It’s permanent. Once you get clipping, that’s as good as the sound clip is ever going to sound.

You may be a candidate for Chris’s Compressor.

Chris wrote that to even out music and performances so he could listen in the car. When I use it, I increase the first value, Compress ratio to 0.78 to get denser sound. You still can’t apply it to a bunch of cuts at the same time, but past setting it the first time, you never have to set it again. Chris hates dead silence at the beginning of a clip, so you have to make sure each clip has something up at the start.

You may be able to use the Audacity Batch program called Chains to automate this.