How to add new c++ files in Audacity

How to add custom c++ files written by us to Audacity 3.x source code. I have a .cpp and .h files to be added to Audacity source code, what is the correct procedure.

Your question doesn’t make much sense as it stands. It sounds as if you not a C++ developer, in which case the first step would be to learn how to develop C++ applications.

First, you need to know how to compile or “build” the existing Audacity code, before you try to compile a custom/special version.

Building Audacity

This is the last step done by a programmer, although it’s not actually “programming” or “coding”. I’ve never done it but I know it’s “not easy”, even for someone like me who has done quite a bit of programming on & off over the years.

If you want to contribute to Audacity, the first thing you need to do is to familiarise yourself with information provided on this and this pages.

Hope t helps!

I think I didn’t frame my question correctly or you understood it wrong. What I asked was I developed my custom cpp file and its corresponding .h file and trying to include it with Audacity code. What is the correct procedure to do that. Should I include it in the CMAKElists.txt file in src folder and then include those files in the src folder and then configure it with CMAKE or is there any other steps.

I would agree that I am new to this c++ desktop application environment and trying to learn.I am only accustomed with enterprise application environment.

I have build the audacity 3.3.3 and it’s up and running. Now I am trying to add a small customization to it. So trying to bundle up my custom file with Audacity source code. It’s not hard , it’s simple but just that we need to follow the right steps.

Audacity uses CMake to generate the build files for compilation. Any new files need to be added to the appropriate CMakeLists.txt file. If you are building for Windows there may be additional steps to configure Visual Studio. Note that libraries have their own build configurations.

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