How to add a wav to start and end of a set of wavs?

This has been driving me nuts! Searched the internet and no where is

Is there a facility or module to do this…

X wav file
Y another wav file
Z a set of different wav files

I want to add X to the start of Z then Y to the end of Z then output the wav files to a folder.

I have a large # of wavs to apply X to the start and Y at the end of all of Z.

Anyone know where I can get this done either in Audacity or via a VST or other?

Thank you so v.much!

There’s no “standard” way of doing this in Audacity. Normal “batch processing” is no good because normal batch processing will process one file at a time, but you need X, Y and Z each time.

I presume that “#” means “number” (for clarity we generally prefer if abbreviations are avoided :wink:)
How many is “a large number”? Tens, hundreds, thousands, more?
What platform (operating system) are you on?
It could be useful if you could give some idea of your technical skills with computers - for example, are you familiar with the term “command line” and does that term scare you :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a VBscripter so scripting would not be a problem but its moot now: I found a fantastic way to do it in Goldwave and posted my findings on their forums so its all good now. It works brilliantly! :wink:

Yes this for, say, 10s to hundreds of wav files that need the custom start and end wavs added to each. I have achieved my objective as mentioned above but using a competitor’s product.

Not really a “competitor” (Goldwave isn’t open source, doesn’t work on Mac OS X or Linux, doesn’t support multi-track projects, …) I’d call it “different software” :wink:
Anyhow, I’d be quite interested to know the solution. Could you post a link to the answer that you were given, (or describe how you do it in Goldwave)?

Yeah Goldwave is a commercial Audio Editor but I prefer Sound Forge myself. :wink:

Solution in Goldwave is as follows:

In Goldwave go to FileBatch Processing… go to Process Tab and choose Add Edit… here are my six edits in the order/sequence they should appear:

Set Marker/Selection [0.0%] - [0]
Copy <location to your starting wav file to be added to start of your wavs]
Set Marker/Selection [100.0%] - [100.0%]
Copy <location to your ending wav file to be added to the end of your wavs]

Now save this Preset above, add all your files under the Source tab and change Convert, Destination, etc as required then you are gold!

Now it will auto-batch a start and end wav to a huge selected batch of files!

Neat :slight_smile:

Now I wish I could do the same in Sound Forge 11… a far more complex and expensive product. :frowning: Its VST facility support alone is a super-dream of batch processors around!