How to adapt tape output jack to USB input

(Audacity version is irrelevant in this post)

I’ve been able to convert LPs to discs with Audacity. The turntable used a USB connector. Now I am trying to connect a cassette player to my computer, BUT my computer has no microphone input jack. Is there an adapter cord by which I can use a USB connector?

It wouldn’t make any difference if it did.

I have found the Behringer UCA202 and a couple of its cousins to work well.

You can get a UFO202 with a phono preamplifier built-in and a UCA222 which seems like the main selling feature is that it’s red.

You should be careful not to use adapters like the StarTech ICUSBAUDIO. That one just duplicates the connections on a regular Windows laptop. The Mic-In on a laptop is generally mono and distorts stereo connections. It’s designed exclusively for a microphone.