How to access project files for deletion

#Audacity 2.2.1

I have been recording papers for my daughter’s PhD research. I want to delete them. It looks as if Audacity has created a folder in my desktop called Elizabeth Hendry. My files are below this, in a second documents folder. However, this folder is not visible on my desktop. I can see no way of accessing these files in order to delete them. I’d be most grateful if you could help.

Prior to Audacity 3.0.0, Audacity projects were saved with two parts:

  • An AUP project file.
    Example: MyProject.aup
  • A “_data” folder.
    Example: MyProject_data

Note that the folder name matches the name of the AUP file.

The “_data” folder contains subdirectories, which contain the audio data (as many small “.AU” files).
The “AUP” file (the “project file”) contains instructions that tell Audacity how to reconstruct the project from the folder full of AU files.

You should be able to see both “AUP” files and “_data” folder in the computer’s “File browser” app.

To delete a directory and all of the sub-directories and files it holds, right-click on the directory, then click on “Delete” in the sub-menu. If Delete does not appear, then instead select “Open in new window”, and repeat the steps. If “Delete” still does not appear, it means you do not have write permissions to this folder.