How title tracks independently on a mixed tape file using 3.4

How do I title tracks from a mix tape file independently using Audacity 3.4? I have tried to use the label format with no luck. This looked like a simple task on the earlier versions but functions are not the same on the newer version. Could record each track separately but there must be a more efficient way.

Labels are an Audacity feature and Audacity isn’t intended as an audio player. (Of course it has to play audio so you can edit it.)

Generally, you can have only one set of metadata for each file and that’s what most media players support.

If you download an album from iTunes (do they still sell downloads?) or Amazon you get a separate file for each song.

Most computer formats don’t support “chapters” or “tracks”. It’s a standard feature on the shiny disc formats. You can make a continuous cross-faded CD and put the track markers wherever you want. And you can have “CD Text” for each track. But CD text isn’t that widely supported. When you play a CD on your computer, the song titles, artwork, and all of the other information usually come from an online database, and of course your homemade CD isn’t in the database.

I think MKV & MKA supports chapters, but your player will also have to support that feature. And I don’t know if the chapters can have their own separate metadata.

I found this YouTube video helpful for doing what you describe: Use Audacity to title and export songs from an audio file using labels and multiple export.
It does refer to an older version of Audacity but the general idea is similar. As you may know, the Export process changed in the 3.4.x releases.

Mark B

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