How should the graph look when recording

I purchased the U-Control UCA202 soundcard to use with my toshiba laptop and mixer. I hooked it up easily and recorded one song from vinyl. Before I posted that i could not hear the bottom or base and was told to use an extermal soundcard. Now when I record, I see a straight line graph instead of the up and down graph as before, But, I can hear the playback ok. What should the graph look like when recording?

usually when i record i see the " up and down graph" How much it goes up and down depends how much you zoom in. It should fall between the +1 and -1 levels or you will get clipping. Dont know why yours is a straight line, maybe you are zoomed out too far therefore the ups and downs look like straight lines. cant help otherwise. does it sound ok even with the straight line?

I remember your old posts.

What exactly does your signal chain look like? Does it go from the Turntable → phono pre-amp (or reciever with a phono input) → Behringer UCA202 → computer?

Or are you plugging the turntable directly into the Behringer?