How should I start?

Total beginner. I just downloaded the software, how do I produce and record using Audacity?

I really want to do mix on EDM songs. What do I require? And since I am with no experience, can someone help me explain more and I would be delighted if someone introduces me to the software.


That’s just a little too soft and fuzzy. You need to nail that down a bit. Like: "I have a bunch of songs on vinyl record and I want to live mix into a club night and create an MP3 for posting to SoundCloud.

It’s also good to tell us what kind of Mac you have and which OS.

Audacity Forum is a collection of support volunteers. There is no corporation and there is no formal support.
This is the link to the on-line information and tutorials.


It’s a 2011 version Macbook Pro ver 10.10 OSX Yosemite.

Is it still fine to do everything?

One tip I would suggest is don’t use abbreviations. I assume “EDM” is “Electronic Dance Music” but if you write it out then there is no ambiguity.

You still haven’t said exactly what the “everything” is that you physically want to do. Are you using a mixer (make and model number) or scratching records together on a mixer turntable deck (make and model number)? Or do you have the songs as files already (format of the songs, such as MP4)?

Also Audacity does not officially support Yosemite. Apple Audio Unit effects will not open in Audacity.