how save different track metadata in file > export multiple

Hello, I just started using Audacity, searched the manual and forum, but could not resolve this.

Short version: for file > export multiple, can I get Audacity to remember different artist names entered for different tracks (labeled songs)?

I have several .aup projects carefully recorded and edited from concerts I had taped. I am using file > export multiple to create 24-bit FLAC files, one for each song.

I have saved metadata common to all tracks, but within each project, the 16 or so songs can have many different artists. Entering the artist name for each song and pressing OK to move to the next song is not so bad, but when I went back to export a second time (opting for 16-bit FLAC, I want to compare file sizes and quality), the artist names are not saved. The same problem was a nuisance when, after entering artist names for songs 1 to 6, I realized I had entered an incorrect artist for the prior song. I could not find a way to move from the current to a prior song within the metadata editor (is there a way?), so I exited the editor, started over with edit > export multiple, and lo, had to enter all artist names again.

I hope I’m just missing something obvious and simple (sorry), or a simple workaround, but, thank you very much! I love Audacity by the way.