How or What tool to use for checking frequencies used in stereo channels?

I’m trying to figure out if the recordings have different frequencies for stereo effect with different channels.

How can I make the frequency indicator to show up, if there is one???


Probably the easiest way is to look at the track “Spectrogram” view. See:

if there is one???

There’s two. That one will tell you where in the show each one of the musical tones lives, but only a fuzzy idea which tones.

Analyze > Plot Spectrum… will give you detailed analysis down to the individual tones, but not where in the show those tones occur.

Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 1.32.31 PM.png
It’s loudness top to bottom and pitch or frequency left to right. Bass notes on the left.

This one is a little harder to use, but if you have one irritating tone or interference, this one may give you more information. Pick a big “Size” to get the most detail.