How? music through headphones while doing voiceover

I need to listen to a music track through headphones while at same time add voiceover. How do I set up Audacity to achieve this?
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Close enough.

Since you will not need to hear your actual voice, you can set up for a simple Overdubbing session.

If you do require to hear your live voice in addition to the music, that can be sticky and much more complicated.


That doesn’t actually add voiceover. That gives you a separate clean track with your voice on it and a separate clean track with the music. Post-production, filtering, effects and mixing is entirely up to you.


Missed another piece. Once you get the two tracks so they harmonize (Audacity will play them both at once unless you prevent it), the simple act of exporting your show to a sound file will mix them down to one track. This presupposes you have a good sound system to listen to it…